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Our Story

When great skill meets the finest ingredients

Omakase Table was an intimately sized pop-up located inside Silom Thai & Sushi Bar; then moved to Brush Sushi Izakaya. Due to growing popularity, Omakase Table will open its new permanent location in West Midtown in November 2022. 

Chef Leonard Yu approaches sushi as a discipline based on the values of purity, harmony, and balance. Our fish are sourced predominantly from Japan and fine-tuned through various techniques.  Edomae sushi influences such as aging, curing, and marinating are used to create layers of depth, complexity, and umami. Our techniques are grounded in the Edomae tradition, with slight modern sensibilities.

Shari (sushi rice) plays a central role in our sushi philosophy. Chef Leonard Yu uses a very special blend Koshihikari haiga rice from Niigata with nanatsuboshi from Hokkaido. Our shari is boldly seasoned with the intense taste of aged red vinegar.

Unity and togetherness of fish and rice is fundamental to our beliefs and values. We feel the two should be like lovers with a deep sense of belonging to one another. Ultimately, this is what makes good sushi, and therefore drives our menu in all aspects: taste, timing, order, menu format, and context. 

We serve simple things in the moment.

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