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Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Omakase Table is a traditional Japanese sushi bar serving omakase menus including cooked and raw seafood and shellfish. Our main ingredients will be seafood primarily imported from Japan. Everything sourced will be specifically curated for each reservation and party of guests.


Reservations will be released for the following month on the 2nd of the current month at 9 AM.

For example: November's reservations will release on October 2nd at 9 am.

Waitlist members will recieve early access on the 1st of each month.


Due to smaller seatings and planning for each evening's service, we do require prepayment at the time of booking for all reservations. For all parties, 100% of the cost per person + 20% gratuity + tax will be charged at the time of booking. Cancellations made within 72 hours prior to the reservation date will be refunded 50% of the cost per person + 20% gratuity + tax. Cancellations made before the 72 hour time period will be fully refunded. Reduction in the number of guests in the party are subject to cancellation charge.


Please let us know any dietary restrictions at least 48 hours before reservation time. Unfortunately, certain dietary restrictions such as no rice, gluten free, no raw fish, no shellfish, vegetarian or vegan, cannot be accommodated.


We are a reservation-driven restaurant.

We ask reservations with children (ages 12 & under) reserve a minimum of 6 persons or a full seating time. 


We are committed to providing a safe dining experience. If you do not feel well or have been around someone who is not well, we politely ask you to refrain from dining with us.

Please reach out to us with any extenuating circumstances. 

Thank you!

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