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The Ingredients


Fish and Shellfish

Most of our fish comes from Toyosu Fish Market, while select items are sourced from various alternate places in Japan. The main benefit in sourcing from Japan is the long-standing practice of Ike-jime, a preservation method that paralyses fish and drains them of blood. When done correctly, it not only preserves the fish’s flavor and texture, but also allows the flesh to develop an umami dimension when aged.

As for our shellfish, we source some ingredients from Japan, but most come from Boston, MA, and Alaska. 



Rice is by far the single most important element of sushi. We blend Koshihikari from Niigata, known as the king of Japanese rice with Nanatsuboshi from Hokkaido and cooked with "Fiji" spring water to replicate Japanese spring water.

Iio Jozo is a 123 year old vinegar compa

Iio Jozo Akazu Vinegar

Akazu vinegar is made using sake lees which is the yeast slurry left over from sake production. Iio Jozo ages it for 10 years before they call it Akasu It is considered to be the highest quality vinegar in Japan. vinegar of choice for traditional Edomae-sushi.


Yamaroku Soy Sauce

Yamaroku Shoyu is a family owned and operated business that has been around since the Showa era (1926-1989) in Japan. Since its founding, ownership of Yamaroku has been passed down five generations up to this day with its current owner being Yasuo Yamamoto. Yamaroku's goal is to keep the traditional soy sauce making alive which is done by naturally fermenting and brewing the soy sauce in large cedar barrels called kioke (木桶). Out of current soy sauces made today, less than 1% of them are prepared the traditional way that Yamaroku does it, which they have been consistently producing the same way for the past 90 years.


Wasabi from Shizuoka

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